Stockholm-born Malin Linnéa is a DJ, music producer and vocalist. Her kaleidoscope and melodic soundscapes have taken her everywhere from Burning Man to the Far East and between. Having lived in seven countries and three continents, Malin has been under constant inspiration to further connect her sonic tapestries with the listener. She typically spends her summers in Greece, where she holds a residency at Scorpios Mykonos. The rest of the year you might find her performing under the stars on a beach at New Year in Bahía, Brazil, in Oaxaca, Mexico, for Dia de los Muertos or at a warehouse party in Brooklyn.
    In 2021 Malin released 'Wild' in collaboration with fellow Scorpios act Chris IDH on Bercana Music and 'Crosby's Midnight Train' on AMITABHA.
    ’Music is one of the most universally powerful tools to connect people - to themselves, to each other and to the elements. Since an early age I’ve always been seduced by the power of sound and its ability to free us. This goose bump feeling of total freedom and connection is what I want to transmit to the dance floor during my musical journeys’






  • IKAL Project, Catemaco - Vera Cruz, Mexico





    Please email Elin at elin@emcreatives.co.uk